Quality Cancer Care

Judy L Schmidt, MD, FACP

Finding out that you or a loved one has cancer can be overwhelming. There are always many questions, and people  may not even know where to begin or what questions to ask. Unfortunately, cancer is relatively common. While the probability of developing an invasive cancer is approximately 40%; 2/3 of those patients will be cured with appropriate care.

Expert advice regarding the treatment of serious illness is essential for recovery.

We, at Quality Cancer Care will help you understand how a diagnosis of cancer is made and what it means. We’ll answer some of the most common questions about cancer and offer suggestions to help you talk about it with your health care team and with people close to you.

Services provided by Dr. Judy Schmidt include serving as an Expert Witness, and providing Expert Opinions and Testimony related to cases, malpractice, second opinions, and file reviews.

For clients we provide medical consultations and second opinions, complete medical file review and discussion.

Services and Specialties

Expert Work

Opinions, Testimony, Assessments, Medical Malpractice, Case Reviews.

Patient Consultations

Second Opinions, File Reviews, Nursing, Treatments.


January, 2014

January, 2014

Awesome and compassionate care! Thankful she was my husband’s physician because she truly gave him the BEST QUALITY care and he is living proof of that. Need I say more?


September, 2014

September, 2014

Dr Schmidt is the consummate professional; kind, compassionate, brilliant and highly engaged in researching the best for each individual who is fortunate enough to work with her.

After many years of clinical practice in Oncology, Dr Schmidt decided to discontinue that and has now developed Quality Cancer Care, a consultative service for cancer patients and their families. My initial experience with Dr Schmidt was while she was still in formal practice. I developed a rare disorder…and after a visit to Mayo Clinic, which had the most experience with this process but little real understanding or answers, saw Dr Schmidt. I was immediately impressed by her strong interest in trying to find answers to logical questions: What caused this? How is it treated? What problems should we watch for? Etc. She was immensely helpful. Now, having developed Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, likely related to my prior disorder, I am using her Quality Cancer Care services. She is readily available to her patients, having given me as much time as needed to understand the disease and all the associated aspects. She has been very thorough and seeks to be the sure “the whole person” is appropriately treated. She has many resources, from means to determine whether current medications or dietary supplements could conflict with treatment, to vast amounts of material on the disease, including contacts with many other experts who can access research treatment trials if “standard” therapy isn’t working and patients qualify. Although my “treating” physicians are excellent, they are constrained by numerous factors in the time they are available. I have found Dr Schmidt’s assistance invaluable in this challenging period. Peace of mind is important in the battle with cancer. I am so satisfied with her capable involvement in my care and give her my unreserved recommendation.

EW, February 2014

Quality cancer care changed my life. After months of being sent from doctor to doctor and told they could not find what was wrong with me, I had to keep fighting and it was suggested to me to contact Judy Schmidt MD. She spent hours meticulously going through my medical records and started suggesting what tests I still needed to be done. Within a month, I had a definitive diagnosis and treatment. I owe so much to Jude. I can’t even begin to explain how her knowledge and her caring attitude helped me in my darkest hour. I was so scared that I would live “sick” forever and she changed everything. I had the opportunity years ago to go to a doctor appointment with a family member that was seeing Jude for possible cancer treatment. I remember thinking that day, what a gift she had in dealing with patients and their families. It’s because she absolutely cares for every one of her patients and makes them feel they are her focus and she will be with you all along the way. Words cannot express how much she means to me and my family. She brought me back to life, gave me hope again and I am getting better. All because she listened to me and used all her amazing knowledge.

EB, January 2014

Last year (October 2012), I was diagnosed with Stage IIIb Melanoma. This is never easy news to digest. It was extremely scary, of course, but I was confident that getting the cancer out of my body was the first thing I had to do. After surgeries, when my “official stage” of disease was determined, my surgeon referred me to a Medical Oncologist to discuss the possibility of adjunct treatment. My initial instinct was NO…I did not want to go that route, but I agreed to meet with him (mainly for my family’s peace of mind). That was when everything became extremely complicated, and more frightening for me in many ways. I was told many different numbers and probabilities (some significantly so) from one appointment to the next. The oncologist I saw was reputed to be one of the top melanoma doctors in the region, and therefore, his recommendation carried a bit more weight. He strongly recommended doing some sort of adjunct treatment, either Interferon, or its newer equivalent version (which apparently has less side effects). Either way, it did not sit well with me, but I began to accept that it was “better to be safe than sorry”. My family had a big impact on my decision, and they obviously wanted me to be healthy for as long as possible. During my search to find options for starting treatment back where I live (in Maui, I had my surgeries on the mainland)…my dad came across Quality Cancer Care. We decided to set up a meeting, as I was looking for anything that could help me better understand the reality of my situation. I felt very uneasy about doing further treatment, but I was also scared enough at that point that I felt compelled to put my feelings aside and go with the advice of the professional on the topic of cancer. Getting another opinion from a knowledgeable person in the field seemed like the wise thing to do. Upon our first meeting with Judy Schmidt (Quality Cancer Care), I felt as though a huge burden had been lifted from my spirit. I actually felt a new sense of empowerment for the first time since I received my diagnosis. She made sense of the utterly overwhelming and confusing world of dealing with something like cancer. She did extensive research on my medical files, diagnosis and the potential adjunct treatments that were recommended to me. After putting an impressive amount of data together, we sat down to talk so she could get a sense of who I AM…as a person, not just a person with cancer. This was of huge importance to me, as I did not feel like I had much voice in the whole cancer scene of my life up to that point. Once she got to understand, and open me up a bit (not always an easy task – I admit), she was able to synthesize her knowledge and findings with her understanding of my personality and lifestyle. Quality Cancer Care told me exactly what I needed to hear, which was the facts/statistics in a way that I could actually comprehend (instead of shock), and presenting my options – entirely without bias (giving me my power back). Judy’s extensive background and experience working in the field of cancer treatment gives great strength to her current business practice. The intention behind Quality Cancer Care is incredibly noble in my eyes, and also something that is very much needed in the world today. She approaches her clients with truly the greatest of intention, which is to be of help in bridging the gap for people, like myself, feeling powerless and lost in the medical world treating cancer these days. It appears very obvious to me that Judy Schmidt is a person who has truly found her calling in life. She clearly loves to be supportive and of help in any way possible to those affected by cancer, be that a cancer patient, or the cancer patient’s loved ones, to also being available to support those practicing the medical treatment of cancer. This is truly a holistic approach. Judy has boundless energy for continuous research, thus keeping herself very up-to-date on the topic of cancer causes/treatment. I would strongly recommend Quality Cancer Care and Judy Schmidt to anyone faced with the challenges of the complex world of cancer treatment. Quality Cancer Care supported me in a way that I never would have imagined or expected, and I will forever be grateful for the important role Judy played in likely the most challenging time of my life thus far. Thank you, Judy, for the gift of your progressive approach to redefine the true essence of what “Quality Cancer Care” can look like.

KD, January 2014